Saturday, June 14, 2008

timp enduro

I don't think you can call it an enduro unless someone in your party comes away with stitches. Alex made the sacrifice today and after witnessing it first hand we are lucky it was not worse, it's never when you expect it!

the loop
rogers-provo canyon-sundance-aspen grove-ag 1 track-timponooke-gone with the wind meadows-little baldy via great western-4000ft great western DH-franks-matts track-path to rogers.

Crew today included Ohran, AG, Bryan, Rog, Adam and Engen from Turkey. Great weather, friends, trails, wild life (mtn goats, deer, rattle snake, hawks, etc.), and big views. Also got a chance to eye some good ski lines on the north side of timp including the cold fusion. Maybe need to get the boards out again.

About at the end of a heavy week of MTB volume and ready for some rest, seem to be handling it pretty well and am excited to get freshened up for BC.


Blogger KanyonKris said...

That's a sweet loop. So was the one last week.

I thought about joining you for the Timp loop, but I'd be too slow. I hope to do it the opposite direction sometime this month.

2:28 PM

Blogger Bart G said...

then you will miss the single track to the valley floor

9:44 PM

Blogger KanyonKris said...

I rode down that single-track on the front side of Timp last year. Very nice. Ridge 157, Pine Hollow, Timpooneke, Timp Perimeter, part way down Battle Creek, up then long down Curly Springs, Betty, Roller Coaster then down the Water Tank road.

The plan is to reverse the course listed above then at the Ridge summit go down the Sundance side to complete the loop.

10:54 PM


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