Friday, June 20, 2008


I got a cool new waterproof/shockproof camera for fathers day so I have no excuse now, I think Rosie just wanted my other one, you know for a diaper bag camera.

Ohran and Sager thought it would funny to play off last winters Velonews article for my Monavie name stickers, I feel like a dork!

Now for a quick review off a few items I have been using lately:

Shimano M300 Custom Fit Shoes:
"Compromise anything but the shoes"
I have used Shimano's for years but have at one time or another ridden about everything. I think these are the best so far.

Positives--> stiff sole, light, supple velcros straps that don't come loose, very secure heel cup. The custom fit is also a great feature and if you have narrow feet the heat/suction custom fit will help take up some volume, in my case they fit well right out of the box but the custom fit did improve the heel cup which will be nice for cross.

Negatives--> Thin heat moldable insole which Shimano tells me will be improved from next year, I use my own heat moldable insole that I modify with a grinder in an orthotics lab so no big deal for me.
If you don't use shimano pedals the Rubber cleat blocks maybe a little short causing egg beaters to rattle a little, I use duct tape on my egg beaters anyway for a more secure feel so again no biggie for me.
The hard carbon mid sole is slick if unclipped on a pedal. Since this picture I have been using 3 layers of duct tape over the carbon for better grip, I have also heard skate board grip tape works well but have not tried it yet.

I just got another pair today that have a few minor variations like a softer rubber toe cap and a clear coat on the carbon sole but functionally they should be the same. Big thanks to Shimano and Contendor for the custom fit.

USE SUMO ti Post:

I have had this baby on about 3 weeks and am very impressed. If you have ever ridden with me you know I am futzing with my seat constantly, this baby has really helped due to it's infinite saddle angle adjustment. The head is very secure and simple to adjust.
It has 10mm set back but because the head is so small it allows for more forward adjustment than a straight Thompson.
At 350mm it weighs only 206g on my scale which is 6 grams heavier than a 300mm Thompson masterpiece.
I have only used it on my scalpel but with the vibration dampening and slight flex I am excited to try it on my rigid hardtail.

The only negative I have noticed is the laser etched adjustment lines on the back of the head are not fine enough for an OCD bike racer to make gauge angle adjustment, I made my own etched lines with a razor blade.
Again big thanks to USE (ultimate sports engineering) and look for review of more cool goodies from the brits in the future

More to come, I am getting tired.


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