Wednesday, June 18, 2008

dry creek for lunch

After work I had Stella's Doctor appointment and a birthday party with Eva so I went out for a quick lunch ride on the MTB. I have had a couple days off after a bunch of long rides and needed to shake out the cob webs. With all the TTing going on along the Wasatch front I was inspired to ride Dry Creek. I rode from the VA up to the mouth but reliezed I did not have a timer until I found a stopwatch on my cell phone, I guess I need to be a little more tech to be a TT'er. The cell worked great but is kind of high risk trying to pull it out of your pocket after a hard effort.

Anyway, my plan was to stay seated and ride a high cadence with good form at a pace that was as fast as I could go but sustainable and steady like you would do on a similar climb during a longer race. I had a pretty good run and only had to slow down a 4-5 times to pass other bikers, My legs got a little balled up early on likely do to the lack of warm up and I was tempted to stand and power through sections but resisted and just kept spinning away for a time of 7:48.

I continued over to City Creek but did not have time to drop in so I did the old slyfox connector trail and looped around the same way and back down dry creek.

The conditions were dry but not as bad as it gets mid summer, it was hot and the winds were fairly calm, dry creek can have a strong tail wind later in the afternoon that makes you feel like superman but I was to early to enjoy it.

I can't remember what a fast time is but I think I can lower this one a fair bit, I hope to test different cadence strategies in the future. I like the Dry Creek TT because it has some slope change and techy sections that require you to monitor your gears and pick a line.

I am not a big fan of TTing because I like to save the focus for race situations but this was a good way to open things up and get a feel for how the legs are turning over.


Blogger Jared said...

your cell phone must have been broken, cuz that's too fast

9:27 AM

Blogger primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

ya its too fast, nobody can ride that fast. you must of taken a short cut

12:52 PM

Blogger primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

go rip clarks TT, im sure your time would be around 8 or 9 mins.

blow it up.

then smoke brads ladder dh at sub 3min.

do it before bc7.

1:13 PM


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