Friday, June 27, 2008


So right now I am chillin out in a bungalow on Vancouver Island about 20k from where the race starts tomorrow morning.

Ohran is out back getting a rub from Jamin....

Keating is building up Tinker's bike....

and I am just enjoying the view!

Action starts tomorrow! I will try to post some updates but you can find action and stories at

Happy anniversary Rosie!
To the moon and back!


Blogger ag said...

looks pretty sweet up there... i am looking forward to following your guys race more than i am to riding around in 90 degree heat at 2pm tomorrow at dv. good luck!

6:15 PM

Blogger Gary said...

good luck. It would be a blast to do that race.

8:51 PM

Blogger chris and hollie mcgovern said...

congrats on the "W" keep it up!

10:40 PM

Blogger brit said...

good luck, b! maybe you can take a swim in that lake when you're done. probably a little cold . . . but it looks amazing!

9:30 PM


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