Sunday, May 18, 2008

stella's 1st race

Rosie picked Soldier Hollow to make her bottle handing debut with the new baby. Finally a race you don't have to warm up in leg warmers and good spectating not to far from home. After a fairly sketchy week I was feeling much better by Saturday.

As the race started I kept telling myself to race conservative which lasted a few minutes and then I found myself at the front. Once we hit the singletrack climb Alex punched it while I was working through some stale legs and I made a solid in race decision to ride my own pace, or maybe I was forced to because I just got drooped, either way I think it helped me save something for the end. I slowly clawed back to Alex and we rode together until the 3rd lap when I started to feel pretty good, maybe it was all the snot weight I had lost throughout the race. Anyway it felt good to have some juice at the end. When it starts to get hot I sometimes like to drink water and use more gel instead of some kind of drink mix but with the carborocket going down so smooth I think it will work all summer.

The next few weeks should be interesting as it seems Alex is getting stronger every weekend and the uphills only get longer!

stella's 1st bike race

Note Eva's pink swimsuit that is a few sizes to big, it was wedding gift from sly to Rosie but was a little small or maybe he knew we would have some girls that could one day use it, random!


Blogger HALLN' said...

Good to see ya feeling better. Great to get the kids out there.

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