Friday, May 30, 2008

So as bad as I have wanted to post it just hasn't happened this week. The antibiotics seem to have mostly crushed the strep throat although I continue to have some throat pain, maybe from the abcess. The energuy levels have not returned yet and pushing the pedals seems harder that normal. When you feel good racing is easy, the legs turn over quick and you "dance" on the pedals. It's the tough days that define you, the days when every pedal stroke is a chore and every little pebble is a boulder.

The one and only weeknight Icup was a tough one for me. No zip and even rode the DH like a pansy, no focus! Near the top of the long climb on the first lap I looked around and found myself with Alex and Mitch, I am sure riding next to those two I looked flat out stocky. My lungs and legs were on fire as I had not really ridden much since Soldier and was not used to race pace. When Alex punched it I could not go with him and I new that was the race. The frustrating thing is I didn't have much dig in me to try and hang on, maybe that's why I don't do much weeknight racing- mentally cashed by the end of the day.

So Sundance is tomorrow which is a rippin fun course and likely is in great shape after a wet spring. I don't have much confidence in my form at the moment but hope to feel a little better than Draper. Coming back to form after being sick is all about baby steps. At least I am about done with antibiotics.

looks like a good weather weekend, enjoy!


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