Thursday, May 22, 2008

new kicks for the weekend warrior

Shoes are critical, the contact point between man and machine.

I love getting a new pair but the set up and break in can be tedious. A big thanks to Chris and Shimano for hooking me up with the new custom fit M300. I have not ridden in them yet or even cooked-em but they are stiff, comfy, and 150 grams lighter than my other ones. I hope to get them up to speed in the coming week and post my impressions.

As for riding I have not done any this week due to a case of the strep throat.

I know what you are thinking and so am I, "this guy gets sick every week!" Come to find out I have had strep throat for a while now and it has just been coming and going. It seems I get feeling better by the weekend just in time to throttle myself at a race, causing it come back full force during the week. Ever since feeling pretty good at Soldier Hollow I have been down and out with the sore throat and fatigue, I finally heeded Rosie's advice (better late than never) and made it to the Doc. Now with the appropriate intervention I hope to kick this thing for good and ride more than a day or 2 in a row.


Blogger Jennie said...

This has been a rough winter/spring.... I feeling like I should just park myself net to a doctors office until my body can go a couple weeks without getting sick.....Hopefully this is it for both of us. stay healthy,

7:31 PM

Blogger Jennie said...

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