Tuesday, December 18, 2007

playing ketchup

The tough part about going away to races is coming home to work. I got up at 3am on Monday (Utah time) and caught a flight back to SLC just in time to make it to work and see patients. Now I am catching up with family and around the house. A full team monavie/cannondale write up will be up soon, I just have not had time to put some play by play together.

I was a little bummed to see no pics on cyclingnews or even a top 10 results on Velonews. My sponsors are awesome and deserve a little air time. I guess I should be used to it by now, in the world of us mountain biking and cyclocross if your name is not wells, craig, JHK, trebon, page, or johnson your name will hardly roll off the lips of the announcer. Its no wonder no one is watching, they get tired of hearing the same names played over and over.

People want to know more about the underdog, the everyday dude with a family and career who is out their slaying it. Everyone watching Sunday's US cyclocross national championships in KC should have heard that Ali Goulet, the retired pro snowboarder with bindings and tricks named after him had clawed his way from mid pack to pass cross superstar Jesse Anthony on the last lap for 13th place, this is the good stuff, this is where the passion is. No one knew!

I think velonews and the other mags should showcase a differnt rider each issue, not the same five guys that win all the time but the guys in the trenches trying to piece together support to make it to the next race. Help the sport a little, build some following, showcase the talent, people want to read about it. Sponsors might be a little more willing to support some riders if more than 5 guys got a little airtime. I know those guys win but if it was not for a solid competition those wins would not mean anything. For example ,what if velonews did a little story on me about getting 7th at MTB nationals, 7th at cross nationals, blah, blah, blah, all while juggling a family and carrer etc. Would'nt Mona Vie and my other loyale supporters get even more excited about investing in the sport of bike racing, maybe hiring on some other riders, maybe sponsoring some events, maybe advertising in bike magazines, or even looking to buy comercial time during televised cycling. There are dozens of pro riders just like me that don't win on the national level, don't get much expossure, but have interesting stories, and the possibility of promoting the bike game. We would all benefit.

I don't know where all those words came from, more pics next time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, totally. Where is the love? Just pump all those guys one time next year so the world can hear your story.

7:40 AM

Blogger Forrest said...

Its like everything in life, its who you know that matters, not your results or talents. From racing to jobs, etc... You just got slammed by reality. But if it makes you feel better, I pay attention to that stuff and fully cheer for you because of that. Bart, after the ban, the lack of props from mainstream cycling, etc. I am suprised you have not thrown in the towell. Damn, you must love this sport more than guys like Vino. Rock on.

9:03 AM

Blogger RickySilk said...

Nice post. It's no substitute, but thank goodness for the blogs.

10 years ago I'd have no idea who a racer like you or Ali Goulet were but with all the race reports in the blogs I get more than the mainstream velonews side of things.

Enjoy your off-season.

9:30 AM

Blogger flahute said...

You know, Bart ... it would be great if more people knew about what great riders we have in Utah, but really, when it comes down to it, those who matter already know.

9:44 PM

Blogger Unknown said...

hell yeah Bart! way to set it straight.

Congrats on 7th...... mid 20's my butt!

11:47 PM

Blogger jsager said...

bart who? wha?

12:15 AM

Blogger Jennie said...

I completely agree with you. How about sending your post to velo news? I kept checking velonews over the past weekend to see how the Utah/Idaho contingent was doing and all I saw were the usual names. What about Kathy running 3/4 of a lap and still making it top 20 or Rachel jumping into the women's elite race after her first season. If the press focused more on the people moving through the pack it would build anticipation and readership.
Way to tell it how it is.

1:10 PM

Blogger Boudie said...

Great post Bart and great result. It sort of depresses me the way people focus on the winners. I touched on this in my blog after watching a world cup speedskating here. It's the same way watching the Olympics on TV....ok let's see the top 3 and one other guy....oooh and there's the human drama story. So either win big or be a transexual who's brother died the day of the race or some shit like that.

"As for this past weekend I could write a book about the skating at the World Cup. There are 100 people with a 100 stories and the best ones aren't always about the winners. But we as humans focus on the winners. Sometimes you learn more about yourself and a person when they lose. In any one speedskating race there are alot of losers if you define winning as 1st place. "

from my blog keep-improving.html

Great job for you and Ali especially from what I hear that start positions help in the mud and snow in cyclocross. Never done cross but it looks cool. I'm from New England and went to one race there. It rocked! You guys did it from way back. Score one for the working man. People are watching who follow the sport and screw these media outlets. I was looking for pictures of the Utah guys on cyclingnews and was like WTF....it's the same 4 guys. Was there anyone else at the race???????????????

4:28 PM

Blogger Art said...

I slacked on the picture during your race. My excuse? More cowbell.

9:08 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent post and a fine point.
Although I do read a fair amount of the mainstream media stuff I end up looking to blogs to actually read something interesting that isn't about the same five guys ALL THE TIME.
Maybe cyclingnews.com and veloschmooze are running outta bandwidth??

5:09 AM


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