Friday, December 15, 2006

hurts to watch

Today was tough to stomach. Cross nationals taking place without me, and to rub it in the weather is nice. Props to the Utah guys for what sounds like some great racing. I guess peterzak just missed the win in the 30-34, and to think I would have had a front row start in that race, I don't even want to think about the possibilities.

At least I am having fun with USADA. I can't wait for this to be over because I have a great story to tell, it keeps getting better! Just wait.

So as best as I can tell I have had the flu, serious bad news. This is the first time for me and I have a whole new respect for influenza. I finally made it to work late in the week but still have yet to bounce back. On the positive side, I was striken on a break from the bike. I am coming up on the longest period I have not ridden in as long as I can remember. Should do me good in the long run.

Got outside for a short ski this afternoon, just for the sake of being outdoors, it smelled nice. Hope to be feeling well enough to ski tomorrow and maybe go watch Tav at the supertour.

Back to watching the jazz game, don't know if I will make to the 4th.


Blogger flahute said...

Keep us informed about the USADA mess. I'm already planning my next letter writing campaign to VN and USAC.

8:41 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Deprived of the stars and stripes! There's always next year.

Did some backcountry skate skiing this morning up Millcreek. At the gate, there was about 3 inches of fresh. My goal was the Big Water trailhead, but I turned around about 1/4 mile below -- there was over 6 inches of snow. Did V2 alternate 90 percent of the time going up. Weird? Going down, even though I got a couple of unintentional face shots, I felt like a rockstar.


5:18 PM


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