Sunday, November 12, 2006

state champs went to bed last night

I did not think being thrown over the bars into the dirt would make me so sore, I have done it a million times before. Anyway the Utah state cross champs were yesterday and I did not have what it takes this year. The crowd was great and I bet we had nearly 200 racers.

I started pretty quick and had a small gap for the first lap, Peterzak caught me on the 2nd lap and he surprise attacked me into the headwind flat section, a great move. I dangled behind him about 15 seconds until I T-boned a lapper who crashed in front of me, I was slow getting up and rode the rest of the race with Ali-G until a quick acceleration placed me comfortably in 2nd. I was a little flat from getting over the flu and just did not have the power on the flat course, you can't win them all.

Despite being sore this am, the new snow got me out on the MTB for some trail riding before any thaughing, 3-4 inches is perfect and I rode freeze creek, killyons, mine grade, and cramers.

Eva's also has been having a tough day, I think she is getting another molar.

Thanks for all my supporters, it's always all about the people.


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