Saturday, September 09, 2006

where does the time go?

The past week has been a blur, I have been way to busy. Tuesday we went Bananas for Eva's 1st b-day. The sod of the hill got a good workout from all the kids running up and down it, hopefully sod responds similar to bone, tendon, and muscle and adapts to a certain stress (wolfs law). I think the past year with Eva has been the best of my life, amazing.

Thursday we dropped Rosie off at the airport for her trip to Az with her girlfriends, it's been a dady daughter kinda week. I am kicken it at the Gillespie farm right now and got in a ride with Rog and Bryan this afternoon. We rode to Sundance and then South Fork, I think I am starting to feel better and hopefully with a few more weeks of training should be ready for cross, to bad my new bikes won't be ready, but I possibly will be sporting the new SRAM goods, will see.

Sounds like Dr X is doing well after his ablation yesterday and will be crushing it in no time. I guess we need to get a cros practice going. Ohran got locked out of his house today and called me looking for a spare key, which is in Rosies car, with me in Provo. Maybe he is sleeping in his hottub tonight.

Just got back from the nursery with some new plants for the yard, I would tell you what I got but I can't spell em. I will snap some pics after planting.

While on our ride today Bryan got a call from his wife that she was going to the hospital- to have a baby! He raced home and made with a little time to spare. Congrats another girl, 6lbs 9 oz.

Gotta run, I am going to bottle some peaches tonight and prepare for winter.


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