Tuesday, September 12, 2006

prep- not the v-neck sweater variety

Rosie is back from her adventures in Az and man is it nice to have her back. Eva was a little bent she left and gave her the cold shoulder at first, but she has warmed up.

On the training front I have been trying to work a little intensity into my commute this week and burned a couple loops up the hill today. Feeling better, but that does not always mean
faster. I hope to hit up the DMV tomorrow for a little leg speed, my first crit of the year, surely I will be squirrelly.

check out my latest landscaping projects, note the trail entrance on the right side

been putting these together one step at a time

as soon as I get some brake pads I will get these mounted up on the cross bike for some testing, the sods looking good so maybe I can hop some barriers on the front lawn, or maybe not.


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