Saturday, August 19, 2006

Tour of 6017

Where have I been? Up to my armpits in landscaping. Its been like a stage race with one concentrated focus, I have been putting in 10 hour days back to back a good share of the week and am in need of a rest day. The tour guys are a bunch of pampered fairies, full time landscapers are the ones who need hematoligists and team docs. I should only have a few more days and I will be ready for some sod. I saw in velonews that JHK puts in a day or two in the yard to beef up his upper body, anybody looking to fine tune their bunny hopping forearms for cross come on up to the BG cyclocross training camp. I have been so focused on bustin this out I even forgot Rog's birthday, he has been my landscape design collaborator, and is a true genius.

No riding this week, no training on th bike, no commuting, no nothing. I plan to start getting some riding in soon. It has been nice to focus on something else for a while but I am itching to get back on the bike.

pile of timbers for bordering the lawn

prepping the front for timbers and then sod

growing rock collection, Monday I am getting another pallet of flag stone, can't get enough of these forearm builders.

Those valve boxes are a "work of art"

Rain Bird control panel, top of the line.

It won't be long and I will setting up the croquet set on the lawn!


Blogger climber said...

Croquet? Is it going to be extreme croquet down 45 degree slopes and 30 foot elevation changes? count me in.

10:29 PM


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