Monday, August 14, 2006

red neck weekend

So I stayed in a cabin 3 miles away from the wolverine ridge mountain bike race all weekend but never made it to the race. Friday evening Tom and I burned a lap on the coarse and it was exactly how I remember it except now with added gravel.

I had every intention to race even though I had not been training but on Saturday morning when Tom pulled out the wadders to go fishing I couldent help but join him. We "wet some line" in christmas meadows and had a good time despite the smallish trout. Later in the day we busted out the guns and shot skeet. I had not pulled the trigger on my Remington 870 wingmaster in at least 10 years but did not miss a beat, the skeet had no chance. Rosie also had her first experience with a shotgun and I came away impressed, she's still complaining about her shore shoulder. We fished again in butterfly lake without much success but it was a good time playing with Eva and Tom's kids.

Yesterday Tom and I broke in his new road bike by riding to Kamas, it was a nice 50 mile ride with some great views. All in all a great weekend doing some things I don't normaly do.

I picked up 50 6ft gaurdrail posts for some more landscaping in the yard for a cool $180, great deal. This week will be dedicated to landscaping and sprinklers. I don't plan on touching my bike so I can pour what little energy I have into the yard. Once the yard is done I will start riding again and hopefully be up and ready for cross.

Still have not got the results of my pelvic MRI, although I am pretty sure I know the problem. Piriformis hypertrophy is impinging my sciatic nerve, it has been killing the last few days and none of my normal remedies seem to help. Maybe I just need a couple weeks worth of colonics. Anyway, hopefully I can get a handle on it or I may just op for a hemipelvectomy.

props to climbum jones for 9th at NCS finals


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