Tuesday, April 11, 2006

wrestler cutting weight

So I guess I was wrong about the sashimi poisoning, they must have used some super concentrated flu bug, maybe some weird chicken strain. I am slowly coming around but my energy levels are pretty low, I guess that's what happens when you don't eat for a few days. My weight dropped to near 130 which is at least 7 lbs down, I have been pounding the fluids to resume normal weight and hopefully energy. Unfortunately, Rosie now has the plague and I am home again being mom for the day. Eva should already have the antibodies from the breast milk so hopefully she's covered. I have heard of a couple NFL players only drinking breast milk, you can buy it but it's at least $2.50/ounce. Once I am back up to speed I got some training to do, or at least some commuting. Wheels came today and I got the MTB all together, pics and review coming. With all the bike parts shipping lately I have become good friends with the Fed Ex guy, he finishes up his route in the canyon so he makes it here when I am around, good guy to know.

Check out my new rain water cistern, my plan is to collect all the water off the west half of the back roof into this drum and then use the hose attachment to water the surrounding vegetation. I have the other down spouts draining into underground perforated pipe that will help water the lawn. All the Oregonian, off the grid, conservationists will be proud.

Every time I stay at home all day with Eva I have a whole new respect for moms, you have to be able to play all day and not get frustrated by not getting anything else done. Don't get me wrong, I love to play with Eva but all day can be a challenge. My day job is much easier, props to all stay at home moms or dads.


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