Sunday, April 09, 2006


I am not exactly sure who is responsible but I have a theory. My best guess is either Craig, Wells, or JHK got word that I have been commuting to and from work and our worried I may pose a threat to their 2008 Beijing aspirations. They easily could have staked out my regular Utah County eating establishment and hired an under paid food preparer to slip my dish a little ground up 3 day old sashimi, that would do it. Or maybe it was just bad beans in the burrito, as Rosie would say I buckled when ordering. Around 3 am I awoke with an animal trying to exit my bowels, this was no small critter but the big daddy himself, FOOD POISING! So, for the past 18 hours I have been purging the beast from within so to speak. Unfortunately I had a Sunday school lesson to teach to a lively bunch of 12 year olds, and then had to stop in at work to check on a new below knee amputee and a couple fresh ortho surgeries, I was in no position to make a public appearance. I cowboyed up and got through it with only a couple emergency exits!
I am all for weight loss to maximize strength-to-weight ratio, and have been successful of late in ridding myself of some unwanted baby fat but by no means did I plan to shed 3 lbs in less than 18 hours without sweating a drop, this could be the answer for the pulled from the market phen-phen, although equally dangerous. I expect to be getting better but I am not, you know it's bad when Rosie checks Eva's diaper after I burp. I am praying for some sleep tonight and a miraculous recovery, I'll hope for the best and expect the worst. And if by chance you run into any of America's Olympic mountain bike hopefuls please remind them, I'm a Hacker!
Got to run, literally!


Blogger Grizzly Adam said...

Ouch! Good luck with that. Have you ruled out pinning the blame on Chucky?

8:53 AM


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