Sunday, April 16, 2006

One hotdog a year

Yesterday the annual Gillespie weenine roast/Easter egg hunt/egg fight went off without a hitch despite all the rain. In the am I helped Rog build his new mountain bike while it was raining and then we fired up the road bikes as soon as it dried out. We rode squaw peak and south fork and wanted to climb sundance but ran out of time. The lookout road was great because the gate is closed at the bottom so you can rail the descent, the climb is always tough but was exacerbated today by a headwind and climbum Jones and I half-wheelin each other.
We ran into a few snow patches near the top, but the new Raleigh carbon road bikes handled it well. Jones on the DH.

Utah Valley from squaw peak, sorry I forgot to flip the pic don't strain your neck.

Weenie roast in the orchard, had a turkey dog this year, hand rotiseried on a green willow over peachwood flame.

Fox sampling the orchard mud on the road bike

Today we enjoyed a sunny Easter morning by exploring the ridge between our home and the canyon road, Eva was testing out the new pack, I think she likes it.
Tomorrows rain should correspond well with my complete rest day, the remainder of the week I hope to get a little training in, will see.


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