Saturday, April 08, 2006

Good company

Saturday group ride in Utah County was my ride of choice to break in the new Raleigh. Nice weather, nice roads, and best of all nice company. It was one of the longest rides on the year for me so far but was only 4 hours, I just don't do many long road rides anymore. Once I have my base fitness down it doesn't seem to help my MTB racing much and is an easy way to loose your edge. But hopefully this ride will help kick off a nice build for the races in May. The best part UC riding is catching up with with the other 3 G's, you know the Gibson brothers. Spent most of the day with Chuck who is definitely in the top 5 of fun people to ride with. We did the usual tour of the valley with a hobble creek canyon and elk ridge thrown in for a little climbing. Generally the pace was easy but we ramped it up a few times. The new bike was great, although I did get my OCD fix in adjusting things.

Charlie, Chuck, Chuckie, Trucker!

After the ride I played with Eva on the lawn, this is her first experience with grass as our yard is covered with snow and not yet landscaped, she loved it! Hopefully we dry out and get some yard going at our place, another project and I got big plans.

Eva, Eves, Popka!
Finished the day of with dinner at Bajio's and a walk with the fam in the river bottoms, how did I get so Lucky!


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