Thursday, April 13, 2006


Feeling normal again. Yesterday at work I hooped it up for some full court outdoor basketball, PT staff vs. Interns. Good times but I am paying for it now with some serious soreness. All that start and stop, eccentric muscle contraction business is hard on the the cycling stubbies, but I did throw down a mean cross-over. Also took an elbow to the jaw from our 6' 4" 240lb marine, now I can barely open my mouth to eat. Back on the bike for some commute training and feeling descent, I have been drilling up the hill.
Tonight Rosie is doing some craft thing with friends so it's just Eva and I. Earlier we did some off-roading in the jogger to check out where I am building a renegade connector trail above the house. Eva loves the DH and with no vegetation growing yet we rallied cross country.
We also planted another Normay spruce in the yard, man I have alot to do.
With the warm temps the creek in emigration has swollen out of it's banks in places, on my way home today they were sandbagging around some guys yard.

The saturated soil is causing some areas in the canyon to slide, check out the pics of mudslides just along the canyon road.

Planning to ride the new MTB to work tomorrow and maybe shred some red butte trails on the way home, if we can get the EC trails master plan approved I could be ridding ST to and from work, we just need to oust the vocal Floridians from the Oaks board.
3 cheers for Friday!


Blogger StupidBike said...

yep, i saw part of that hill in the road on Wednesday, crazy, you should see the white water running down dry creek.

10:08 PM


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