Thursday, April 06, 2006

26 inches

Is that the circumference of my bicep or the depth of the snow on my deck?

Today was cool. I am not a fan of snow in April but it sure was fun watching it pile up. No riding today, my planned day completely off the bike. I was bummed when I woke up because I love riding in the snow, today's ride would have made headlines I am sure. I got the road bike finished and I have a feeling I won't need the MTB this weekend. Most of my non-work time today was spent clearing snow, I should have bought a bigger snowblower.

Check out the doppler and radar, this baby dropped 26 inches plus at my place

This is looking from inside my garage as I begin to dig myself out, I am not sure where all the water will go when hits 60 F on Saturday but I do know I will be breaking in the new road bike.


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