Monday, December 13, 2010

NW Coulior Pfeffierhorn

Nice way to start the week!

Andy, Jason, and Lars above Red Pine Lake

Lars and Jason on the East ridge of the Pfeffierhorn

Looking into the NW Coulior which is lacking snow on the upper section. Could have rapped in but chose to down climb the ridge and duck in from lookers right.

Good steep full concentration skiing in the upper section before the rappel.

Andy rigging up.

Down he goes...

Lars checking out his line about 1/2 way down the lower section. You can ski with reckless abandon down here.

Hogum into Maybird.

Beautiful morning, wanted to ski some other nice lines back there but had to get back to the real world. I am continually amazed at the amount of ground that can be covered on skis before brunch!

Now to figure out how to post all this great video I have been getting with my new camera.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you guys take things to a new level

7:53 PM

Blogger ag said...

dude if you are going to be playing with video you need to get a macbook pro. simple as that.

looks like a sweet tour.

7:52 AM

Blogger Jonnie J said...

Great pictures. Nothing like a little ski mountaineering to get the week started off.

9:42 AM


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