Wednesday, June 16, 2010

blown rib?

Not sure, but it feels pretty familiar. Can't Sleep!

Years ago I spent a couple weeks with Eric and Sue Jones in there trailer racing on the East coast in the mud. The week before I crashed and broke some ribs while tooling around in Millcreek. I went anyway and endured a couple of very pain full weeks. Right up there with racing last years BC Bike race with an abscessed molar.

We started the racing in West Virgina at Snowshoe Mtn Resort on one of the gnarlier race course around.I had good legs but nearly gnawed through my own tongue due to the rib pain. At night I reportedly moaned in my sleep and needed help getting up and down and rolling over. Surely EJ's results would have been even better if he could have got some sleep. On the way up to Mt Snow we rode part of the Shenandoah trail, holy rocky! The drive to Vermont was rough. I had good legs again at Mt Snow and was in the top 20 after the 1st climb only to find that I could not hold onto the bike on the DH. I finally hit a rock and flatted my front wheel. Good thing, I would have never made it to the bottom alive. The flat that saved my life!

Well rough season so far, but it will likely play into some late season form...


Blogger MtbAllDay said...

So what happened this time?

9:44 PM

Blogger Bart G said...

Altercation with a 11 foot stainless steel desk top.

8:19 AM

Anonymous Alberto Jara said...

Bart, I hope you feel better. Your blue bike certainly is. I will be sending you an email of your bike beginning of next week.

2:58 PM

Blogger John said...

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4:05 AM


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