Sunday, May 23, 2010


For the last few weeks I have been training on the bike, no skiing despite the winter like weather. Did a few races with mixed results but I have yet to find the cycling legs. So going into the Soldier Hollow race I was hoping that things would come around a little. No such luck.

Earlier in the week I was volunteered to paint hopscotch on the school playground, simple enough huh? So with a gallon of fluorescent green paint, brushes, and all the measurements for regulation hopscotch I went at it. In an effort to save my knees I painted everything while standing, good for the knees, bad for the hamstrings. For the next few days I was barely able to walk. On Saturday morning they were feeling a little better and I was able to spin the bike with only the slightest stretch. So being an eager beaver and wanting to support the new Revolution squad, I decided to race. 3 minutes in and I knew I was in trouble. After about 5 minutes I stopped to stretch, no dice. I could pedal easily but anything near race pace was not possible. I was bummed, but mostly because I should know better. At least the hopscotch turned out well.

Now maybe for a little R&R.


Blogger Unknown said...

I get sore hamstrings every time I weed the garden. Each time I vow to start a regular program of stretching but so far it hasn't happened.

2:45 PM

Blogger Bart G said...

The sad thing is, I stretch a ton.

5:34 PM


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