Thursday, April 22, 2010


So the last time I suited up for a dedicated bike ride was the first of March at the Rampage. This may be the longest I have ever gone. Of course I have been riding in street clothes for transportation and enjoying our Sunday morning family trailer ride but otherwise have not been out on the trails or road for the sake of training or pleasure. I am missing it and about ready to start getting in some miles in preperation for some big summer races. I am not realy sure where my fitness lies at the moment but know for sure that it can improve for here. I have continued to get out on the skis a little and if conditions warrant may get another stab at the Traverse, will see?

Yesterday we started the move into the new house and more importantly ending the drain of disposable time and energy. I have very much enjoyed the process but it has run it's course and I am ready to get back to some stability and the fitness that comes with it. I also hope to get a little more consistent and creative with my posting as I have missed this outlet.

Now we just have a garage full of furniture and stuff that we don't need or want, lets organize.


Blogger Steveo said...

So are you the other "Utah Guy" that did the traverse last year? I did it with my brother and when I talked with people they said, "Oh there's another guy from Utah doing this."

Anyway, that was a hard ride, I thought it would be easier than RAWROD, but it wasn't. Shorter yes, easier no. BTW I'm talking about the Warriors Traverse in Southern Cal.

10:24 AM

Blogger Bart G said...

not me

12:43 PM

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