Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cottonwood Peaks Traverse, or whatever you want to call it.

So it was a good effort, just not good enough. In hindsight we left to many variables out of our control in regards to the route coursing through Alta and Snowbird. I never would have guessed we would have such poor luck. I called Snowbird snow safety the day before but could not get a hold of them. Guess I should have tried harder.

Anyway, Jared and Andy have posted some good reports so I am just going to throw in a few highs and lows.

-View from Salt Lake Twins at 4:58am.
-Skiing technical terrain in the dark.
-Fun rock moves.

-Skiing East ridge of O'sullivan. Possibly one of the coolest lines around. Steep technical ridge line bouncing back and forth from soft to hard snow. Exposure keeps the speed in check.

-Watching Andy's gear debacle-broken boot cable,lost pole basket, torn pack, and missing lens. And I am probably missing something. He had been wearing these glasses for 2 hours before anyone noticed, including him. Jared and I were almost peeing on top of Monte Cristo.

-Skiing South Superior on the race skis.
-Free cookies at Gold Miners Daughter, only thing good about Alta.
-Although we were defeated, we were the talk of the tram deck as we strutted across in tights, euro helmets with car lights strapped on top, and carrying kids skis. The Bro-Brah's didn't know what to think.

My sore big toe from the frost bite episode on Nebo.
Slow snow- unsupportable up and down.
Not getting to use crampons.
Power hungry mountain host at Alta.
Everyone at Alta.
The big shut down on Hidden Peak.

We learned a ton and got in a great training day. I am actually surprised how quickly I recovered, if it wasn't so warm we could have tried it again today. Will be watching the weather...


Blogger SLC sherpa said...

ARRRGH Matey! Who's that handsome pirate?

1:26 PM

Blogger Forrest said...

In Europe your adventure would have been embraced by the ski resorts, not frowned upon. What is it going to take to change the attitude of the resorts in the U.S? The mountains should be free to all, restricting access to peaks or areas gets old in the Wasatch.

10:27 AM


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