Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Although I have been busy with this whole house change thing, Jared and I managed to get out after the storm. It was bloody cold up above Cathrine's but good to start working the kinks out of the skinning legs. After 30+ days on snow so far this year, the samurai was smooth as glass. I have some work to do before I can cruise along at a steady fast pace. My achilles were killing me.
The turns were pretty good and if I could have felt any part of my body and it was not pitch black when we got down I would have wanted to go back up for more.

photo by The Samurai

If anyone is interested in some winter cross training, we have a crew together at my house tomorrow afternoon/evening to load a million boxes and some furniture into a POD!
Post training food and Monavie provided! Come get strong...


Blogger Ski Bike Junkie said...

30 days on snow so far for the Samurai. Wow. Really, just wow. That's a good total for the season.

9:49 PM

Blogger UtRider said...

Is that 30 days on snow so far this season (2009/2010) or total for the year (2009)?

9:58 PM

Blogger primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

the samurai doesnt mess around. its 30 days since sept/oct 2009.

10:55 PM


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