Tuesday, July 28, 2009

complete overhaul

I have always been into biomechanics, maybe that's what got me into physical therapy.

At work I look closely at the biomechanics of the diabetic foot and how musculoskeletal deformities along with peripheral neuropathy lead to non-healing foot ulcers. It can be quite a challenge to heal a planter surface ulcer while keeping someone mobile.

Over the last few weeks I have been recovering from my BC/wisdom tooth/infection debacle and am just starting to get back to riding regularly. I have used this break to overhaul my personal cycling biomechamics including bike fit and pedaling technique. Over the years I have slowly altered my mechanics in response to injury, bike changes, and compensation to the point that I was not as efficient as I could be and actually more prone to injury.

With the help of Tom at Wobblenaught I am now starting at ground zero with a position on the bike that allows me a more efficient pedal stroke and recruits more of the lower extremity musculature including the hip flexors and hamstrings and a pedaling technique that takes advantage of the better position. More muscles driving the bike = less load on any one muscle group (quads). It has been a challenge and I have never had to focus so much while riding on a flat straight road but after about 1 week of consistent riding I am starting to see the benefits. This invest now will pay huge dividends in the future.

If anyone else is interested in working with Tom for a Wobblenaught bike fit and technique evaluation he will coming to my house in the near future. We plan to do some more Dartfish video feedback and I can schedule some time for him to do some fits/consultation. They take about 2 hours each.

Shoot me an email at bartmang@hotmail.com and I can provide you with some details.


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