Friday, August 01, 2008

oh canada pics

Busy week, just getting to look at some pictures!

Random order:

lake louise is full of toothpaste

trail from banff to canmore

canmore from the pass

heard of bighorn on the DH

canmore art

Cannondale dealer visit- Bow's Cycle

victoria glacier above louise

the venue

Sager faking it

femsupport crew

the venue

stella's 1st flight- holding on tight

between hot laps

another mud lap

moraine lake

eyeing the ski lines

big views, good company, and a little bike riding!


Blogger Miller Time said...

Looks like a great time in beautiful mountain country. I am so glad Rosie and Stella got to go too!

7:34 AM

Blogger drrna said...

I took my cross bike to Banff once. On one ride I saw bighorn sheep close up and had to wait for some mountain goats to get out of the trail; plus a lowly porcupine. There were deer and elk at the hotel, and I saw a pack of wolves on the way to the airport in Calgary. Amazing place.

11:00 AM

Blogger Jared said...

nice chute (bottom pic) -- what's the lake it feeds into?

1:57 PM

Blogger brit said...

hey b, i was showing ella some pix tonight and she saw a few of you and the cake you made for our wedding and LOVED it. looks like your canada trips could be more inspiration for your cake talents if you ever need a day off the bike

8:05 PM


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