Sunday, January 27, 2008

winter mix

Not a ton of exciting stuff to write about but another good winter week.

Monday: 2 hr alpine tour between EC and RB via FC.
Tuesday: 7 hrs crazy powder skiing at the Dance with Rog.
Wednesday: 2.5 hr road commute out to Sandy to ride with Micheal in bitter cold weather and finishing up the canyon in the dark- character builder for sure.
Thursday: 30 min MTB at lunch testing the red butte snow trails, 1.5 hr skate ski at Mtn Dell with some good efforts.
Friday: 1 hr easy commute to and from work.
Saturday: 4 hr road ride into UC and back via Suncrest with a couple moderate efforts, first road group ride of the year for me. Ohran was on a new SuperSix that retails for 10 grand and was looking pretty good.
Sunday: 1.5 hr skate ski to the top of big mtn in some crazy wind and slow snow but amazing evening colors.

Also finished up the custom window seat and trim work in one bedroom with only one room to go. Scored some new FAT AT skis, now I just need to mount up some dynafits and I will be ready to rip the backyard.

Just work tomorrow, I need a little rest!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice little piece on you in Velo News.


2:23 PM

Blogger UtRider said...

No wonder you never slow down!

2:48 PM


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