Monday, January 21, 2008

good timing

Got out yesterday for a snow bike ride with Jared from the zoo and over to city creek, it was nearly perfect and late in the afternoon the hikers and dogs are at a minimum so you can rip. Jared was on his new scalpel and rides it like a pro other than the time it bucked him off (about 30ft) on the down hill side of the trail, of course I did not have my camera. I think both of us forgot to eat lunch so by the time we got back we were famished, fortunately we found some Pepsi's in his car that fueled my ride up the canyon.

If I was a coach I would make all my clients ride in the snow at least once/week. Nothing is better for smoothing out the pedal stroke, it also teaches you to relax the upper body while under load and become energy efficient on the bike. It's not always about watts, it's about learning to go fast.

After skating the 40k Daniels summit loop on Saturday in super soft snow every bike ride should be relatively easy. I have really been enjoying winter this year and getting a lot of good exercise in a variety of ways. Being a bike racer the variety is kind of minimal during the summer so it is nice to mix things up and still stay fit.

It's dumping again so today I think I will burn a lap on my back yard AT loop, work on finishing the up stairs bedrooms, play in the snow with Eva, and maybe sneak in a little snow ride throughout the neighboorhood.

tomorrow's looking like a good day for powder!


Blogger Jared said...

No doubt, snowbiking will develop some good skills.

You're too gracious.

Apparently, riding like a "pro," entails:

(a) using a brand new carbon scalpel as a Snow Scooter, i.e., me sitting on the top tube (not the seat), using my leg (usually the uphill one, but sometimes both) to push myself forward;

(b) piloting a bike into an oak tree; and

(c) making you wait for 5 minutes every 500 yards. My favorite part of the ride was when I finally made it to the switchback in Dry Creek and was going to blame my slowness on my un-knobby tires. Then, I looked at Bart's and saw that they were nearly bald.

2:11 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

bart, i was hoping to follow up on a question i had about wheels. since this is the only way i know how to get a hold of you please send me a quick email at with the best way to get a hold of you.

6:37 PM

Blogger Team Rico said...

Bart- not sure your skate setup would hold me, I probably have 20-30 lbs on ya but I would love to try skate skiing sometime. Size 9.5 or 43 Euro shoe

8:18 AM


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