Thursday, January 03, 2008


word on the street is I've been tagged, who started this anyway?

5 things you likely don't or even care to know about me but will read anyway because you don't have anything better to do:

1. I was completely buried in an avalanche on new years eve day of 2003. A crazy storm blew in and it was white out conditions as I made my way down towards mill D from Reynolds peak. We broke a few cornices off earlier in the day into Reynolds bowl and knew it was sketchy so we went down the ridge into some milder slopped trees. About mid way down, the slope broke away at what must have been a wind blown tree well. It was only about 20 ft wide and not steep enough to slide so we thought but I took a ride through the trees swimming on top and dodging the big ones, as soon as we hit the flats it engulfed me from behind and I found myself cemented in over my head. I had opened an air pocket with my arms which gave me some room to wiggle my wrists and one hand was able to pop through the surface. By the time anyone got to me I had dug myself out to my waist. Craziest thing ever, I thought I was dead. I will never forget my first thoughts when everything stopped moving.

2. When at home I prefer to sit down and pee.

3. In the winter of '89 I put together my first cyclocross bike from a Stella road bike that used to be my dads. I was not able to remove the original cranks so I cut them off with a torch and welded on a set of steel 2 piece cranks to get better gearing. I did not know anything about cross but I used to rally that bike in the snow and muck all fall and winter so I didn't have to clean my new mountain bike. Don't remember what happened to it.

4. I eat cold cereal for breakfast every morning with a scoop of peanut butter on top. Usually I have raisin bran or some other healthy base cereal topped with a snack cereal like cookie crisp. With each bite I can closely monitor the ratio of peanut butter/cereal. On holidays and weekends I add whipped topping for a special treat. If you try it you will be hooked.

5. I don't use technology to monitor training. No HR monitor, computer, GPS, power meter, watch, altimeter, accelerometer, inclinometer, etc, etc. I rely on my sensations only. In the past I have used it all and even relied heavily on a HR monitor but found it did not tell me anything I didn't already know. Last summer I played with a power meter but again found I knew what it was going to say. If I had unlimited time and energy then I might more objectively monitor training load but I would rather spend my off bike time with my girls.

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Blogger Forrest said...

Crazy about the avalanche. On New Years Day the same year I was caught in a big slide out of bounds in Jackson Hole but only buried to my waist. Same weather cycle must have been hitting both SLC and Jackson that winter.

10:36 AM


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