Monday, December 31, 2007

this and that

I have been busy trying to heal up some ribs and keep the snow off the drive way. The other night I slide the minivan into a snow bank in my own driveway and had to be towed out by dusters, that's twice in 2 weeks now I have been stuck in my own yard.

I have been scrambling to get a couple upstairs bedrooms finished before I get the racing itch again. At least the weathers right for indoor work and I like projects for after dark. Eva is going to move upstairs a few months before the new baby comes and takes over the nursery, wonder what color she is going to pick for the walls?

Just knocked out the closets and getting ready for paint

The finishing room, a gazillion feet of knotty alder casing and baseboard all smoothed up and ready

The rib situation has not allowed skating but I have been out on the skis
Getting some turns in out my back door. This is a cool little hidden stash dropping into the top of red butte canyon off the emigration ridge line, the picture doesn't do it justice

looking into the top of red butte

looking into emigration, if you look close you can see Eva waving out the window

Now that 08 is here I am starting to think about racing again and planning on some cool events. I never get to far from racing shape and within a couple weeks of specificity can be ready to go but now is the time to start looking at the things needed in order to improve, for me that's what it's all about.

I don't have any kind of grand year end wrap other than it's been another good one, looking forward to the next. I have a great family and friends and get to do what I love, can't be that!

do you have your 80's outfit ready?


Blogger flahute said...

I still dress the way I did in the 80s, just with a whole lot less hair.

Well ... I don't peg my jeans anymore either ... hmmm ... maybe that's what I'll do for my "costume" ...

9:48 PM


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