Monday, October 01, 2007

Xfactor in UT

I think the coolest thing about the weekends cross race was the fleet of demo bikes provided by canyon for junior riders wanting to experience the best racing on 2 wheels. Spread the word, $5 for junior entry and a free bike to ride. Send them to for details. Hopefully in the future we can coordinate some kind of junior clinic.

I had some cool contrast pictures of riding in the snow at 34F and building a snowman with Eva on Saturday to sunny cross racing and Eva playing in the dirt on Sunday but I can't load the pictures so just imagine it.

Whats the deal with coaches telling riders what races they can and can't do, it has been nearly impossible to find female 24hr racers because all their coaches won't let them race. I could really go off right now but will save it for another time. Cycling needs less coaches and more mentors, this a lifetime sport not the NFL.

It was fun to see Ali's cross clinic-ers ripping over the weekend and hopefully you will all let me know how it went. I also witnessed some regulars from Drx's thursday night clinic that looked pretty chill on the barriers. The best thing about the first local cross race of the year is our weaknesses are revealed.
My list:
-I found that my back was not able to survive 1 hour in and out of the saddle on a twisty course at speed. I historically have an unstable SI joint and will have to step up my efforts to improve the endurance of my extension stabilizers as well as smooth out my power transfers in and out of the saddle.
-I noticed I was not as smooth through the barriers in the last 10 minutes despite not being under pressure. My endurance off the bike is lacking.
Just a couple other things to work, the details make all the diference in the red zone.

Now I got to watch the Hills!


Blogger drrna said...

I could see coaching someone to not overdo it in May, but it's hard to believe anything you do in October would have a long-term negative impact on your "career".

Have fun, race your bike.

10:30 AM

Blogger Jared said...

Bart, as a pro, I'm surprised you don't know that October is sacrosanct. It's the off-season where you eat ice-cream sundaes and rest for the 6 months of LSD base training to follow. Between October and March, I do not let my HR exceed 128 bpm. I spin everywhere I go to develop the capillaries in my legs.

And don't you do everything your coach tells you?

Sheesh, no wonder you can't find anyone.

4:53 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm hooked on cross! thanks for contributing to Ali's clinic......great teacher.

8:47 AM


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