Saturday, September 08, 2007

the best 2 years

Despite battling a mean case of Giardia that I most likely picked up in Puerto Rico, this week has been great. We celebrated Eva's 2nd birthday with a ball party, went to the state fair to see the farm animals, and finished up Friday night with Sushi.

The ball pit was a hit

Perfecting her swing

I am finally dialing in my new cross bike fit and will have it all ready once I get my new Reynolds DV 48's. I will get a picture up soon. I am kicking around the idea of hitting up Star Crossed and the Rad Racing event for some early NW cross racing. On the training front I have been putting in a few efforts on the ride home from work but have yet to get the "cross season sensations". This weekend I plan to do some long rides and enjoy the buffed 1 track if I can keep the giardia and associated symptoms in check, I just started flagyl which should clear things up if I can survive it. I love the test of cold metal.


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