Saturday, August 25, 2007

to little to late

Fox is right, as a blogger I am a failure. I have no good excuse. For a real blogger their is no good excuse. It's been over a week without an update and I have been cruisin the Caribbean while you have been waiting for something to read, I feel awful. However, I did take a lot of pictures, not trigger happy Sager style but a lot for me. I will post some highlights when I feel like it.

Puerto Rico was a blast and sparked my interest in road racing again, we need some Dominican's in Utah to livin things up, you think Turbo swings his bike around you outta see these guys.
I didn't think you could have that much fun on a road bike, all you need is about 10 inches of rain on narrow jungle roads with mud slides and Colombians that don't like gringos rallying the muddy descent, tough to find in Utah except maybe the cross scene.

Last night I put together a new cannondale cross bike and saddled up for early season cx in Heber. The rocked and the Reynolds goodies didn't hurt. Good course, lots of rough turns, pretty warm but after racing in the Caribbean in August nothing in Utah is hot. Need to work out some bike fit bugs, which knowing me will take until mid December.

Ali's cross camp looks to be pretty cool, if I would had some kind of camp to hit up when I first started I could have saved myself some serious pain on those first trips to the northwest. I am excited to teach and learn a few tricks, it's all about maximizing ones potential.

I am tired of writing, maybe some pics next time


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