Wednesday, July 04, 2007

a few days late

Solitude State Championship last weekend= 1st loser, I did the best I could but just did not have the juice at the top of the 1st climb when Alex gased it, after that I rode steady.

Why is the state champs always at solitude, I think we should call it the big cottonwood championships. It seems having it at the same place every year crushes its credibility, just a thought. Anyway, the best part of the race is always the dip in the stream followed by a ride home on the crest trail, this year with Atorney jared.

So little Eva picked up another cold from who knows where and while I was a little worn down from the weekend I picked it up, so now I am waging a war. On the Mona Vie front we got a few kits to use until our goods come in, we also registered for La Ruta and are working on some good stuff for cross and 08. The rest of the crew is at the Firecracker 50 but I was already committed to pulling Eva in the evergreen parade so I took a pass on the high altitude fun. I should have some great parade pictures if your into that kind of thing.

happy 4th


Blogger UtRider said...

I can't recall ever missing out on a cold when my kids have been sick. Crazy how that works...

6:40 PM


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