Monday, June 18, 2007

where the livin's easy

Emigration Canyon is home to the Rubber Boa seen here on our picnic table, I have been catching tons of these little guys lately and they are fun to play with as they are harmless but curl up around your fingers and try to put a squeeze on you.

Fathers Day Rules. I woke up to blueberry waffles and breakfast with my girls. Eva is pretty proud of her pictures, I think she had some help from mom. The rest of the day included Sunday school with the 12 year old crew, dropping little blake off at DV, skipping the STXC and riding DV- silver lake-mid mountain-secret lake- crest trail- big water-millcreek- to in laws for fathers day dinner. It would have been perfect other than falling over and scraping up my hands then flatting and having a faulty air can and walking/riding a flat down MC.

So the weekend was a good time and I have to thank everyone who made the 2nd annual summer BBQ a success. The smores flowed like melted chocolate and marshmallows on Graham and all seemed to have a good time with only a few minor injuries. I think next year we are bringing in a mechanical bull for the drive way to keep "some people" occupied.

The NORBA XC ended up about exactly how I expected- hot, dusty, starting at the back, not much energy or leg but forging on because I learned my lesson in AZ. I am glad I raced despite not wanting to support the current regime, I am proud of my mental game for finishing it out despite knowing it was not my best effort. Some time this year, I hope to tease out the legs I know I can I have. I will spare you the details of the race as you my see a little write up in CyclingUtah.

I was fortunate to be chased down by the USADA chaperon directly after finishing the XC, what a concept a chaperon for doping control. It is very dificult to pee after 2.5 hrs in 90F. I think the first couple litters of water consumed just settled the dust in my mouth.

Now on to a week of taking it easy and playing with the moto before getting back to some bike practice/commuting.


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Bart (and Rosie) ... many thanks for your wonderful hospitality on Saturday.

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