Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sundance and beyond

Time has just got away from me now that I am feeling better. The Sundance race was good time and considering my preparation I was happy with how I felt. I rode steady throughout the race and felt good on the climbs, I just did not have the power or acceleration to go with Alex G. Hopefully over the next couple weeks I can stay healthy and get fit, I want that motorcycle like feeling.

I also got up in the high country over the weekend with an emigration- millcreek- dog lake- desolation lake- crest trail- big water- millcreek- back to emigration loop with foxy, bob rode the pavement with us but missed the tachy dirt shredding with no hikers. When I got back Rosie had some grilled fish waiting for me, I have the best wife ever!

Burning all this one track got me itching for more and I was thinking about hosting a cool rode from my house as soon as we hit a weekend without racing. What do think about My house-killyons- afflect park-big mountain-old mormon trail-east canyon road- jeremy trails-glenwilde-connector trail- preserve- round valley-deer valley- mid mountain- crest trail- millcreek-lambs-little mountain- back to emigration. That's a days worth of single track with a good spot for lunch. I will look at some dates, who's in?

Training wise I am going to keep it pretty short this week and just try to get some intensity in on my commute home, hopefully I can get the power up for DV so I don't get dropped Also looks like we might get some rain/snow which will help out the dust situation.

Sorry for the boring post with no pics but thats life


Blogger Grizzly Adam said...

I'd be in for a ride like that!

10:57 PM

Blogger Dave Harris said...

Sounds like a great ride to me - might be worth the drive for a guided tour of all that Wasatch one track.

7:17 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun ride! Let me know when and I'd be interested in coming down for that one. Thanks for the chat on sat. I've got a picture of you at sundance on my web page. Keep us posted on the ride. www.n8stowers.blogspot.com

8:18 AM


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