Monday, June 25, 2007

showers are nice

Good to be home after a couple days of backpacking in the Uintas, we had a great time and I will post some pictures but I left my camera at a friends house tonight. It seems I am having the hardest time keeping the blog up to date, just to many fun things to do in the summer.

Tomorrow night Rosie and I are going to burn some onetrack at Solitude and then go to dinner at Silver Fork for our 4 year anniversary. Doesn't get better than that. I guess the Solitude weeknight series kicks off tomorrow but we only have a babysitter for a limited time and Rosie gets plenty of opportunities to stand around and watch me race.

I will get some good pics up soon!


Blogger UtRider said...

Happy anniversary! Riding + dinner is a great way to go. Cami and I celebrate ours by riding the ULCER followed by a huge dinner!

7:38 AM

Blogger B-Horn said...

When you're not racing drink beer, win it here, see details at

Good luck Mang!

1:27 PM


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