Wednesday, June 27, 2007

backpacking pics

Rosie and I hiked into lake Betsy for the first night over Hades pass from the grandview trail head

Looking Northwest across granddaddy lake, nice bandanna!

Native cutthroat in granddaddy tributaries

Indian fishing- my hand is numb!

Thrown to the shore, the Shoshones would be proud

Cutthroat!- this is a small one

My golf swing is miserable, maybe when kyle moves back I will have reason to improve. For now all I need is a 7 iron and allot of vertical below.

cooling off after a tough day on the links

good times, now back to bike racing.


Blogger Dave Harris said...

How do you catch fish with your thumb? That's a cool trick.

6:55 AM

Blogger B-Horn said...

Wipe the fish oil from thy hands prior to swingin' the iron. Then and only then will the swing improve.

2:21 PM


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