Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sir Isaac Lime vs Poncho Punch

I will be the first to admit I don't do well being sick, at least this time around I feel so bad, getting up and doing something is not an option. Yesterday I was gassed walking down the driveway. This is my third day of laying around and I now get a sense for how fox spends his days- watching MTV.

Because of the sores in my mouth my diet consists of otter pops, I think Sir Isaac lime is my favorite so far. I figure if my basal metabolic rate is around 1800 cal and my very limited activity probably only adds another couple hundred calories then I need to consume somewhere around 80/day to stay out of a caloric deficit, that's going to be tough.

When we built our home Rosie sat in the garden tube and had it moved up and down so it would be installed at the optimal height to enjoy the mountain view, until now I have not used it much but the last few days it has been my highlight! Also, the last couple days a young bull moose has been hanging around the house and Eva wants to chase him, I should try to get some pics.

From what I understand about the coxsackievirus A16 it may take a bit of time to return to normal and the last thing I want is it to morph into a case of viral meningitis. I may have to revise my racing plans a little and build myself back into shape after this ordeal.

I am bummed to miss the draper race. I think the last time I raced in draper was on July 17th (my birthday) and we started down the draper days parade route. I had a good battle with Gabriel Blanco but came out on top, you never forget the wins on your birthday.
Time for another mouth numbing otter pop, have a great weekend!