Sunday, May 06, 2007

no dust

I don't really have anything to creative to say about the 5 mile pass race yesterday. I rolled off the front a couple minutes into a cold and windy 3 hour tour of some of Utah's best moto'ed up dirt roads. Without much technical terrain I had a hard time staying focused and found myself pondering the upcoming Jazz game. Without the wind 4 laps takes about 2:45, with the wind 2:59. I should have rode with the group for 3 laps and then put in a 1 lap TT, that would have been more stimulating, but then I could have gone to antelope islands for that.

I was a little disappointed about how my legs felt and found myself standing on the rollers and short climbs, this is a very inefficient way to ride and gives my SI joint trouble. Fresh legs= seated climbing=no back pain=more power for longer duration. I guess that's the goal.

Good to see Art, Daryl, RicO, and AliG out in the dirt.

Enjoyed the Jazz game with Fox last night, Miller's paddin his pockets with 4 more home games.

Afternoon road ride to east canyon today with Fox, Norm, and Spencer. I was psyched to ride with other people but those clowns want to ride all day so I ended up by myself anyway. At least I got home for plenty of play time with Eva. For me their comes a point where time on the bike only adds to fatigue and not to fitness, after a mountain bike race that point comes pretty quick. No for some rest days.


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