Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Quick update from Long Beach, no snoop yet. This place is gray. I bet 30 yrs ago it was not always foggy in the am, this is man made fog. Moisture atracted to the particulate matter in the air. My butt is gettng flat. I can't wait to ride when I get home, a forced break from the bike is good but I am getting the itch. People sure get defensive about a simple thing like cleat position, I just want to keep an open mind and give it try, don't worry no one will make you try it.
Gotta get back to sitting


Anonymous Anonymous said...

From people in the know, the smog was worse 30 years ago... 30 years before that it was all citrus farms once you got off the coast.

3:09 PM

Blogger drrna said...

Regarding the "debate" on the midfoot position and a previous comment containing a *lot* of hypothetical arguments:

One of the smartest guys I know is fond of saying "another beautiful theory slayed by ugly data". I'm big on doing the experiment, and then revising the hypothesis to accommodate the new facts. It's an approach often referred to as the scientific method.

I'm glad that you're giving the midfoot position a try. It would also be interesting to have some power data.

-Plays a scientist on TV.

10:03 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm down with the position. Simple test/fact, go put flat pedals on your race bike, then ride 5 miles to the coffee shop in some flip flops, half way there look down too find the axle of the pedal damn near the middle of your foot.



9:31 PM

Blogger Piotrek said...

Tried it, wasn't impressed, moved back to old position. Feet/calves are a God's gift, so use 'em, I say. They're not an artifact of evolution gone bad. What's next - pedaling with the knees for more efficient power transfer?

Try sprinting in flip-flops to the coffee shop. Feet will move back guaranteed.

4:03 PM


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