Monday, January 01, 2007

single 07

How about a new years picture share from the cabin!

Hiked in to the cabin in the Bear River area with the Adair's to ring in the new year. Chopped wood, ate well, and used the outhouse.

Eva stuck in the snow!

Early morning quad workout

The skiing at Lily lake is great with hardly a soul around. It seems everyone wants to burn around on stinky snow machines. We ripped all the wolverine ridge trails from the IC race

Rosie coming up a steep pitch in the blue light of a winter afternoon

I could not ask for a better crew, 06' was great but were planning on topping it in 07"

Now the holidays are over I plan to start whittling away at a few extra pounds and preparing to ride my bike fast.



Blogger flahute said...

I wonder what a few extra pounds means to the Bartman ... weight go up to 125 from 123?

9:11 AM

Blogger climber said...

Snap out of it skinny, go get a steak at Ruth's Chris.

9:16 PM


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