Thursday, January 04, 2007

moab winter

Time to get out of the smog and head to the desert, everyone goes to St George but that place is busier than SL. Moab in January is where its at, plus I had a couple nights stay at the Riverside Inn that I won at The Frozen Hog.

Wednesday after a smooth drive down (the least snow I have ever seen in the winter up Spanish Fork Canyon) Rog and I rode out sand flats road to ride porcupine rim. I new we would have snow on the North faces but had no idea that a good share of the ride would be snow, deep snow, and more snow. We had a to put in a few miles on foot which really slowed us up. We hit the 1 track going down Jackass canyon right before dark and if you don't think it's technical enough then you should ride it covered in ice after dark. Made it back and hit up a new hole in the wall BBQ place in town. This place is empty and most of the shops are closed, no bikers, no jeepers,no Asian tourists, just locals.

Rog making it look easy in the snow

Thursday we rode slickrock, Rosie had never ridden it and it has been over 10 years since I burned the loop. It was a perfect day for it and we only saw one other biker. Rosie was a natural with all that traction and I got a great upper body workout wrenching on the bars. Ate at zaks then watched Rosies favorite the OC.

This morning I was hoping to get in another ride but Moab got a couple inches of snow and I didn't want the family to just sit around waiting for me so we burned it home so I could blow the 10 inches of new snow off the driveway. Mtn Dell saved again.

Tomorrow I plan to get in some hours, maybe on the road bike, maybe on skis or a combination of the two, will see what the weather brings.
Have a good weekend


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