Wednesday, January 10, 2007

down in the "netherlands"

So for about the last week I have been unable to really ride my bike because of a crazy little cyst that has developed down in my netherlands. This is not a saddle sore which I have had before but a hard nodule in the area of my perineum (at the base of the scrotum). I have learned this is a common area for a cyst and the eitology is not well understood.

So today I went to see a great dermatologist who also is a cyclist and understands my dilemma. The course of action decided upon was an injection into the nodule (which is made up of scar tissue) with the hope that the steroid will help break it down and the body will reabsorb it. What ensued was the single most intense pain I think I have ever experienced, including stiching my self up without anesthetic, poison ivy of the crotch followed by a 24 hr mountain bike race, dangling above ground on a stick stabbed through my inner thigh, fractures, road rash of the face, giardia cramps at 35000 ft over the pacific, and countless other traumas. If you did not already know this area is highly inervated and very sensitive. I know it was a very small needle but I can't began to explain the intensity of this sensation. I got about 4 small injections into a small area which hopefully does the trick.

So for a while I will continue skiing (which seems to be building some serious muscle in my upper back and triceps) and continue telling myself it's only January and I will have plenty of time for pedaling. It's tough to see all these bloggers logging the miles and knowing in a short time I will expect my body to keep pace. I guess if your going to be out of the saddle 10 F daytime highs is a good time for it.

Hope to see you on the road/trail in the near future.


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