Sunday, January 21, 2007

another winter weekend

After skiing quite a bit last week I decided to get back on the bike. Saturday I rode up to PC and meet up with prime rib, free sager, calves thomas, engaged nick, and rad ross for some snow trail shredding. Up parleys I felt good and wanted to up the tempo but had to keep reminding myself to save something for the trails. 3 hours later we had burned up all round valley and jeremy had to offer and finished up in a blizzard. 4.5 hours on the MTB with friends in the mountains, this is why I am a cyclist.

nick martin capturing sager on the phone, fox ready to rip

Full on crown burger movie date with rosie capped off another killer Saturday.

Today after church I meet up with Zach one of the PM&R residents at the VA/university and went up to Daniels summit to ski the 40k loop up onto strawberry ridge. Zack is from Duluth and has skiing in his blood, We had a great time despite the soft track. Hardly a soul around and views in every direction. 3+ hour ski, this is why I like winter.

Looking at timp from the southeast on strawberry ridge

looking at cascade and provo peak from strawberry ridge

Looking east down onto the lake

Zach finishing up into a stiff north wind on soft snow, sure to sleep well tonight.

Playing with kids and BBQ beef sandwich's with friends to polish off the weekend.

Maybe some alpine skiing at Sundance tomorrw?


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