Friday, December 29, 2006

700x23 on ice

Crashed in my own driveway this morning! Good thing it was 6:45 and I don't have any close neighbor's because this must have been a sight. I did not have time to clear the driveway last night because Rosie and I hit the town for a date. The driveway only had about 2" of snow but the car tracks were solid ice. I was on the road bike and figured I could just ride down between the tracks in the fresh snow. No problem until I ended up in the tire tracks on a solid sheet of ice. I rode it most of the way down the driveway but right before the street the wheels went out from under me and slid until they contacted the asphalt where they instantly snapped back into position causing me to buck off the top tube on the "far" inside of my thigh. I landed on top of my bike in the middle of the street. I am going to have some sore spots tomorrow.

I think tomorrow I will hit the ski race at white pine and be humbled by some fat, chain smoking Norwegian on the skate skis. To quote Nathan Schultz "bike racers on skis look like terydactyls". I will at least have fun trying.

Wish I was in SG shredin with foxy, sounds fun. I might hit up a winter moab trip next week, ride the red and ski the La Sals.


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