Saturday, July 01, 2006

turned over

Pulled the plug 2 laps in, I could have plugged along at 75% and finished the race but instead I gave myself a little hope for an ok ride at the NORBA next weekend and dropped out of my first race this year. I hate dropping out of a race, not only does the confidence take a hit but I feel bad that my wife invested her Saturday into my racing and I bailed out. I am not really sure what happened but I new from warming up that I did not have the legs or energy to ride anywhere near my ability. When the legs are good the gears just turnover, today I got turned over. My hope is I am just a little tired from to much effort this week and after a few days good rest I can spring back and put together a solid effort at DV. I guess one bonus to bailing on the race is I got to play in the loamy mountain soil with Eva, nothing tastes better than black mountain dirt!
My spirits are a little down right now but I will be back to ride another day, that's racing, its hard. If it was easy it would be boring.
Props to fox for a stellar effort and jones for crashing 3 times and still taking the W.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's biking man. 1st place one week (at Sherwood), and the legs just aren't there the next. Good luck next week.

10:43 AM

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