Tuesday, July 18, 2006


For my birthday yesterday I was chased by a sworm of yellow jackets, you know the kind that live in the ground. I was back filling behind an area of my new shed and dug into the heart of the hive, I managed to get away with only 4 stings, pretty good considering the circumstances. My knee, butt, pinkie, and neck are pretty swollen and I had a tough time sleeping. I can't imagine how bad it woud be if I did'ent have Eva to kiss them better. If you are unable to destinguish between the ankle and calf due to swelling or fat you have a "cankle". I then have what you call a knigh, a Hinkie, and a Nead. I set up a trap and have got like 40 of the little buggers and my next move is dress in full bee keeper garb and dig out their compound. My week off the bike is going ok although I am day dreaming about some long rides and fine form in the future. I will probably get back to riding on Saturday.


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Ground hornets are mean, mean, mean...those little bee-striped buggers pack a whallop.

11:23 PM

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